E-learning Moodle


The Kordofan University, hereafter referred to as the University, has set in place processes and structures to roll out electronic learning in support of ongoing face to face teaching and learning within the Univeristy. In this light the University is establishing a two year strategic plan to act as a roadmap to determine the activities that will be carried out to roll out an effective eLearning program.

An effective eLearning implementation must focus on achieving overall integration with the way teaching and learning is carried out at the University. It must become part and parcel of the University’s culture thus transforming into a value brand to the University which distinguishes it from others and guarantees sustainability through independence in financing plus sustainable revenue generation to the University. A properly implemented eLearning project must make business sense to the University and must become an integral part of how the University works. This will only be possible with the implementation of a well thought out strategic plan, coupled with the allocation of appropriate resources and unwavering supervision to align the eLearning function to the objectives and strategic outputs of the University. If this is not carried out then the elearning project implementation will become a costly venture that may or may not meet any value or revenue addition strategic objectives.

The University certainly recognizes the potential and opportunities that eLearning will present to it. It will be taken that the University would like to transform its eLearning programme into a vibrant, exciting, revenue generating, value adding mode of teaching and learning that will not only serve to add onto its outreach but meet its national objectives as specified in various nationwide policies and strategies especially scaling to meet the objective of access to education for all.

This plan takes into account takes into account top management view of what an appropriate eLearning function should be for the University. This provides the vision part of the pillars required for effective change at the University as it relates to eLearning. It is important that senior management is involved in the implementation and monitoring of this vision. Each and every department within the University is engaged to breakdown the overall vision to departmental action plans and strategies that are aligned to the achievement of the vision specified by senior University management. This vision will be translated into an action plan for the whole University and for individual departments.